How to Have the Best Dental Exam in Albion

Aug 10, 2022 | Blog Posts

How to Have the Best Dental Exam in Albion

We understand that many people experience hesitation, or even fear, related to going to the dentist. We’re here to help you prepare for a positive experience at your next dental exam in Albion!

Common concerns often arise from a previous unpleasant experience with unskilled dentists or apprehension about how it will feel or if they will be uncomfortable. It’s time for a change in the dentist’s chair!

Good oral care is essential to long-term tooth and gum health. It’s important that patients feel comfortable, safe, and well-cared for when receiving dental care. The team at Albion Family Dental created this resource to help patients prepare to experience the best dental exam in Albion!

Start Preparing The Night Before Your Dental Exam in Albion

The patient should make every effort to get plenty of rest the night before their dental appointment. This will lessen any potential restlessness that may develop.

Schedule an appointment as early in the morning as possible to keep from escalating the suspense and apprehension throughout the day. If there are specific questions or concerns, make a list in advance to ensure nothing is missed.

Arrive early enough to handle any necessary office business beforehand. This saves one from being flustered and frustrated afterward when the mouth may be numb and it’s challenging to communicate.

Arrange for someone else to handle transportation if needed or bring them along to the appointment as moral support.

Stay Calm Before and During The Appointment

This can be a difficult task if the patient is anxious or fearful, but it’s crucial to avoid physical and emotional escalation later or while in the chair.

Take deep, fortifying breaths before you walk into the office. Breathe in through your nose, and out through your mouth as deeply as possible. Keep this going while in the waiting room and as long as necessary.

Keep the focus on the positives. When the procedure is over, the tooth will be fixed, and the pain will be gone.

Bring a mobile device and headphones to listen to a book, music, or movie while being cared for. This will keep the mind active and distracted.

Always Be Honest With Your Hygienist and Dentist

It will do no good for overall and long-term oral health to be dishonest with your oral care team. If brushing and flossing are infrequent, say so.

If issues arise, it could indicate something more serious. But if it’s only because one isn’t brushing as often as they say, unnecessary tests and procedures could be avoided.

Prepare the dental team in advance if the patient is prone to be more or less sensitive to local anesthetic. If the patient does happen to experience any discomfort while receiving treatment, it’s essential to speak up immediately so the technique or the anesthetic can be modified.

Adhere To A Strong Oral Care Home Routine

The more consistently one cares for their teeth at home, the less likely they are to need serious dental intervention. Regular brushing and flossing, even while at work, at school, or traveling, will decrease the need for dental care.

Keeping up on twice-yearly teeth cleanings will ensure the dentist can spot trouble areas before they worsen. They may prescribe different or more enhanced home care routines that will keep patients from needing more in-depth procedures.

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