Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry in Albion New York

We all want to have a beautiful smile. Even with proper care, you can still experience dental issues that can affect your smile. This could be yellowing, dullness, cracks, or other cosmetic damages. These issues may not affect the function of your teeth or cause you pain, but they can affect your confidence. You should never have to hold back a smile or disengage from a conversation out of worry concerning how your teeth will be perceived.

At Albion Family Dental, we are proud to provide a wide range of cosmetic dental services that can enhance the way your teeth look. You’ll be smiling with confidence once again when trusting us for your cosmetic dentistry service.

Options for Cosmetic Dentistry in Albion New York

Having a healthy, beautiful smile can make you feel more comfortable. People communicate so much through their facial expressions, and we are always delighted to see genuine happiness in the faces of our patients. We can help you regain your confidence and happiness with your smile. We offer a wide variety of services that are all tailored to help improve the look of your natural teeth.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening in Albion NY

Teeth whitening is an easy way to improve the look of your smile. Teeth can become dull and yellow, even with consistent brushing and flossing. This can be due to your age, if you smoke, and if you regularly drink coffee, tea, or soft drinks.

Our teeth whitening services are available in a variety of options to cater to your unique preferences. Whether you want to go up one shade or several, we can get your teeth to where you want them.

Teeth Whitening in Webster NY
Composite Fillings in Webster NY

Composite Fillings in Albion NY

Most adults have needed a filling at some point in their life. This is typically due to a cavity or some other form of damage. Depending on your previous dentist, there are different filling materials used. A common material is a silver amalgam. This is a popular option due to its affordability and durability. While it is a strong material, it also stands out clearly from your natural teeth. These types of filling are most noticeable when laughing, speaking, or yawning, and they can be considered an eyesore to many patients who want consistency.

This is why we offer composite fillings to our patients. A composite filling can be matched to the color of your natural teeth, making the filling unnoticeable. A composite filling is just as durable and long lasting as other filling materials.


Porcelain Veneers in Albion NY

Porcelain veneers are ideal for those who have teeth that have been damaged due to chips or breaks, have been worn down, or have become discolored over time. A porcelain veneer is a thin porcelain shell that is carefully matched to the color of your surrounding teeth.

These veneers adhere to your teeth with a strong bonding material and can easily fix the appearance of any unevenness caused by damaged teeth. Veneers can also fix stubborn discoloration that is under the enamel layer. With porcelain veneers, you’ll love the look of your new smile.

Porcelain Veneers in Webster NY
Fixed Bridges in Webster NY

Porcelain Crowns and Fixed Bridges in Albion NY

Missing teeth can affect your confidence when it comes to smiling. Missing teeth can also affect the overall function of your mouth. Gaps can make it difficult to enjoy certain foods and can also affect your speech.

Crowns and fixed bridges made of porcelain are designed to match your natural teeth. They also make sure that your teeth don’t experience further issues that could be caused by gaps, such as the shifting of your healthy teeth. Fixed bridges help to restore normal function to your teeth as well as allow you to smile with confidence once again.

Cosmetic Dentistry at Albion Family Dental

You should always be able to smile with confidence. If you are struggling with the appearance of your teeth, the professionals at our office can help. We will work with you to determine what cosmetic dental service is the best option for your needs and desires. We take pride in restoring functionality and comfort to our patients. Contact our office to learn more.