Inlay/Onlay Restoration & Fillings

Inlay/Onlay Restoration and Fillings in Albion, NY

Dental restoration procedures are designed to alleviate pain and fix a dental problem that is causing you discomfort or putting your dental health at risk. Common dental restoration procedures include dental fillings. Many patients are familiar with and have experienced a dental filling. However, they may not be aware of inlay and onlay restoration services. When considering your different procedure options for a dental restoration, we can help you choose the right one.


Filling Services at Albion Family Dental

Fillings are a traditional method for treating cavities. This method involves numbing the problem area and removing any areas of decay. The space that is left is then filled to protect the tooth from further damage. The material that is used to fill these cavities can vary depending on a dental provider. Many patients are familiar with silver amalgam. This material is both durable and affordable. However, it can also be clearly seen when laughing, speaking, or yawning.

At Albion Family Dental, we use composite filling material. This material is designed to fit the cavity precisely. It is also designed to match the look of your natural teeth. This provides you with a functional filling that is not visible.

Scheduling Your Filling Service
Our filling services in Albion NY are referred to as direct dental restoration. That means this dental procedure can take place in one appointment. This process is considered simpler than inlays or onlays, but they are often not as durable and could require replacement in the future.
Inlay and Onlay Restoration

Inlay and Onlay Restoration in Albion

An inlay is a dental restoration where the dentist fills your cavity with a pre-formed material that was carefully customized to fit your tooth. An onlay follows the same basic principle, but it extends onto the surface of your tooth. Either option provides reliable and long-lasting cavity repair. Which one is ultimately used will depend on the size of your cavity and how much the tooth has decayed.

A well-formed and placed inlay or onlay can last up to 30 years depending on the material used. These dental restorations can also add strength to the remaining tooth material which helps to reduce the risk of further damage.

Your Inlay/Onlay Restoration Appointment
Unlike a traditional filling that can be done in the same appointment, an inlay or onlay requires two appointments. This is because the dental restoration is custom made at a dental lab to fit your teeth.

During your first appointment, your mouth will be numbed to prevent any pain or discomfort during the process and all decay will be removed. We will then take a mold of your tooth to send it to a lab where it will be cast into the perfect shape to fill your cavity. A temporary filling material is then placed until your custom restoration comes back from the lab. During your second appointment, your custom-made restoration will be bonded onto your tooth.

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Inlay/Onlay restoration provides long-term relief and protection from cavities. When you schedule an appointment with Albion Family Dental, we will work with you to determine what dental restoration service will be best for you.