Emergency Dentist Near Me? Albion Family Dental Is the Care You Need Fast

Feb 26, 2024 | Blog Posts


Dental emergencies can strike suddenly, leaving you searching for an “emergency dentist near me” for rapid treatment. However, there’s no need to worry when you have a trusted dental home like Albion Family Dental to handle all your needs, emergency or otherwise. Here’s everything you need to know to get the emergency dental care you need.

What Is a Dental Emergency?

When it comes to most types of dental care, getting it sooner rather than later is generally the best idea. However, in certain situations, having a rapid response can make a significant difference in your long-term oral health outcome. You may need treatment within the next few hours to prevent further damage.

Additionally, dental emergencies can arise from a wide range of events. Dental trauma, such as a vehicle accident, sports injuries, or other physical impacts, may damage or break teeth. Sudden pain or swelling caused by long-term gum disease or tooth decay reaching a breaking point might also occur. In any case, you’ll need care right away.

When Is It Time to Call an Emergency Dentist Near Me?

It isn’t always clear when a dental situation is an emergency. If you’re wondering whether it’s time to call an emergency dentist near me, it’s best to err on the side of caution. Contact Albion Family Dental, tell us the details of your situation, and we can tell you whether it’s time for you to come in right away or if you may just need an appointment for later.

A knocked-out or broken tooth is a clear example of a dental emergency. Sudden chips and cracks are also reasons to call right away. In addition, any sudden, severe pain is often a sign of an infected tooth. While you might experience tooth pain due to sensitivity, this more severe pain is characterized by throbbing, persistent discomfort. These kinds of toothaches are also dental emergencies that warrant an immediate response.

Treatments for Common Dental Emergencies

Every dental emergency is unique, but there are several categories that most situations fall into. At Albion Family Dental, we’ll carefully assess your needs and develop a treatment plan that works for you. That could include a variety of different emergency procedures to handle these emergencies.

Broken and Chipped Teeth

In the case of chipped or broken tooth, many options exist for restoring its appearance and function. Dental bonding can quickly resolve minor damage, while a dental crown may provide lasting protection in cases of more serious damage.

Knocked-Out Teeth

When handled in time, knocked-out teeth can often be successfully replaced. If you have a knocked-out tooth, hold onto it and reach out to Albion Family Dental immediately for emergency dental care. Place the knocked-out tooth in a glass of milk and bring it with you to the dentist.  If the tooth can’t be saved, there are still options, such as bridges and dental implants.

Damaged Filling, Crown, or Bridge

Lost fillings or crowns are a serious issue, too, as they leave your teeth unprotected and exposed to risk. If you have any dental restoration that becomes damaged or detached, hold onto all the pieces and reach out right away. They can often be replaced or restored. At the very least, a temporary solution can be found to protect your teeth right now.

Severe Toothache

A severe toothache could arise for various reasons, such as an impacted wisdom tooth, an infected tooth, an abscessed tooth, and more. In any case, action is required to provide relief and prevent further damage.

In some instances, you might need emergency extraction. In others, an emergency root canal procedure can remove soft tissues while saving the tooth, a straightforward process done more than 25 million times each year.[1]

Your Local Source for Emergency Dental Procedures

If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, don’t hesitate to contact the trusted team at Albion Family Dental. We’ll help determine whether your dental situation requires emergency care, guide you through the steps you should take next, and provide the professional dental care you need as soon as possible. Reach out today for emergency dental service.



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