What to Expect if You Need Porcelain Crowns in Albion

Sep 6, 2022 | Blog Posts

What to Expect if You Need Porcelain Crowns in Albion

Considering porcelain crowns in Albion? Dental crowns are made of many materials, but porcelain crowns are one of the highest quality levels of restorative dentistry.

A dental crown is a protective cap over an existing tooth that has begun to decay or was fractured. Porcelain crowns can also hold a dental bridge in place or simply improve the appearance of discolored teeth.

Dental crowns are designed to blend easily with natural teeth in both look and feel. This gives patients a seamless smile that doesn’t feel mismatched or out of place. Let’s take a look at what patients should expect when considering a crown procedure at Albion Family Dental.

When May a Patient Need a Dental Crown?

Dental restoration can take many shapes, including veneers, onlays or inlays, and dental bonding. Dental crowns are the most common restorative procedure administered under the following circumstances.

After A Root Canal

After a root canal procedure, it’s necessary to use a porcelain crown to restore the tooth’s health and functionality.

After A Broken or Chipped Tooth

If a tooth has been chipped or broken, sometimes an inlay or onlay is sufficient for repair. However, if the damage is too severe, porcelain crowns in Albion may be a more appropriate solution.

Replacing An Old Crown

A crown that was installed in the past but was not made of porcelain may have sustained damage, been fractured, or may not look the way the patient wants. Replacing this with a new porcelain crown is the best fix.

What Is the Dental Crown Process?

At Albion Family Dental, we promote principles of gentle dentistry and work hard to ensure every patient has a stress-free and comfortable experience. To get a porcelain crown, you will require more than one appointment.

First, the dentist will gently remove any signs of tooth decay. This is also when the dentist will shape the tooth in order to fit the crown in place later. We’ll form a mold of the tooth and its placement which is then shipped off to a lab that will create a custom crown.

Once the crown has been received, the patient will come in for another visit, where the crown will be placed.  Our porcelain crowns in Albion are bonded and set permanently with expert care.

CEREC Crowns in Albion

Your dentist may recommend CEREC Crowns for you if you need a porcelain crown. Albion Family Dental uses cutting-edge CEREC technology to fabricate custom all-ceramic crowns right in our office so you can have your crown in only one appointment.

The Various Materials Dental Crowns Are Made From


Resin is the most cost-effective crown material option. However, choosing the least expensive option may result in the need for repair or replacement much sooner than other materials that are more durable.


Porcelain crowns are the best option to match natural tooth color, strength, and durability. They are one of the most robust materials used in crowns, slightly less strong than zirconia crowns.


Zirconia crowns are a good fit for patients with a metal allergy or for a less costly option than porcelain. This material can easily match the natural tooth color.

Porcelain Fused to Metal

Some crowns are made with a metal base and a porcelain overlay. They provide a combination of strength from the metal and a natural look from the porcelain overlay.


Metal crowns are any crowns made from metal alloys which contain platinum, palladium, nickel, gold, or chromium. This material is the most durable though the least aesthetically pleasing. Most dentists will only use metal in the back of the mouth where it’s less visible.

The Dental Crown Healing Process

Getting new dental crowns is a standard, simple procedure. Most patients do not experience a long healing window. We always use a local anesthetic to ensure patient comfort during the procedure.

Patients may feel some mild sensitivity or discomfort for a few days after the procedure, which is normal. A porcelain crown should be treated and cleaned, just like a natural tooth. Continue with normal preventative dental care and healthy brushing and flossing routines.

Get Your Porcelain Crowns in Albion at Albion Family Dental Care!

With Albion Family Dental Care’s gentle dentistry practices, there’s no need to be uneasy about getting porcelain crowns in Albion. Contact our offices today to schedule a crown consultation appointment. 585-589-9044