How To Feel More Comfortable Before And During Your Appointment For Dental Service In Albion

Jan 17, 2023 | Blog Posts

How To Feel More Comfortable Before And During Your Appointment For Dental Service In Albion

When the topic of making a dentist appointment comes up, it can leave many people feeling nervous. But there’s no need to worry when preparing for a dental appointment ahead of time. You can do some things before and during your appointment for dental service in Albion.

Finding the right dentist for the job is imperative if you want gentle care dental services in Albion, NY. Once you’ve decided on a provider, it’s time to consider how you will prepare for your upcoming appointment.

Preparing In Advance for A Dental Appointment

The more you prepare, the better you will feel about walking into your dental office for your upcoming appointment. What you do beforehand depends on your level of concern, but there are a few key things you can do to make your appointment a breeze.

Clear Your Schedule

Feeling relaxed is tough when you have an upcoming event on your calendar. If it’s possible for you to clear your schedule, that will provide much-needed relief. That way, you don’t have to worry about how long the appointment takes or whether you will make it to your afternoon meeting.

Dress Comfortably

No need to wear your Sunday Best! Dress comfortably when preparing for your next dental appointment. We recommend a loose-fitting top without a hood so it doesn’t sit uncomfortably on your neck while your dental provider works on your teeth. We also suggest you wear lounge pants or jeans that fit loosely so you’re not adjusting or fidgeting during your appointment.

Communicate With Your Dentist About Numbing Options

Your comfort level matters. Make sure your dental team is aware of any numbing requests you have before your appointment. They may need to extend your appointment time, which could delay other patients’ appointments if you don’t properly communicate with the office before you go in.

Plan To Bring Someone Along

If you need sedation during your appointment, you should consider bringing a trusted friend or family member along to your appointment. Besides being your ride home, they can provide support to calm your nerves and remind you that the appointment won’t last forever and you’ll be done in no time.

How To Stay Calm and Comfortable During Your Dental Appointment

The Albion Family Dental team will do whatever we can to help you stay calm and comfortable during your dental appointment, but there are plenty of other ways to self-soothe.

Listen To Your Favorite Music

Music has a huge effect on our mental states. Consider this when you go for your next dental appointment. Ask your dentist if you can bring in-ear headphones to listen to your favorite music while you’re getting dental work done.

Bring A Fidget Spinner

If you know you need something to distract you while your teeth are being worked on, bring a fidget spinner or other hand-held activity to keep your hands and brain busy. It’s easy to hyper-focus on what your dental provider is doing, but bringing something to do can help distract from the procedure.

Practice Deep Breathing

If you’re feeling uncomfortable during your dental appointment, the best thing you can do is practice deep breathing. Breathe in through your nose for 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds, and breathe out of your mouth for 4 seconds. This is called Box Breathing, and it will activate your parasympathetic nervous system, calming you down almost immediately.[1]

Communicate If You’re Feeling Uncomfortable

Your comfort level is as unique as your teeth. While other patients may be able to handle a procedure without numbing the area first, you might require multiple numbing applications for your procedure. Don’t let discomfort be the norm at your dental appointment – speak up and ask your provider to take a break or use more local anesthesia if you feel like you need it.

Here’s What to Expect From Dental Services In Albion NY

Gentle dentistry is rooted in compassionate care and patient education. We want you to feel comfortable and confident going into your next dental appointment. It’s possible when you choose dental services in Albion, NY, that focus on your comfort level before any procedures begin.

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