Cavity Fillings in Albion for Children vs. Adults: Key Considerations

May 10, 2024 | Blog Posts

Cavity Fillings in Albion for Children vs. Adults: Key Considerations

Cavities are an incredibly common dental issue, leading many adults and children alike to require cavity fillings. Over half of children aged 6 to 8 have had a cavity in their primary teeth.[1] When a cavity does develop, cavity fillings are typically the go-to solution. They provide relief and protect against future tooth decay.

However, there are some essential factors to keep in mind when it comes to dental fillings for your child, as dentists typically approach fillings differently for children compared to adults.

Taking Tooth Development Into Account

Dental care isn’t the same for children and adults. A child’s smile is still developing, which can have a wide range of impacts on everything from dental care to oral hygiene. Ensuring good oral health requires an approach that takes this development into account.

For example, it’s important to note that cavities in primary teeth — or baby teeth — can’t just be ignored. While the tooth will eventually fall out on its own, the cavity can cause many problems.

Your child will experience tooth sensitivity and discomfort. The decay can spread and increase the risk of gum disease and other oral health issues. If it does fall out early or requires tooth extraction, the gap it leaves can cause orthodontic issues.

Permanent teeth have a thicker enamel layer, which also impacts cavity-filling treatment. The shapes and sizes are also different from permanent teeth. Your child’s dentist will consider these factors when placing fillings and providing other dental services.

Ensuring Your Child Stays Comfortable

Dental fillings are generally carried out with a local anesthetic that numbs the area. However, this can still leave the situation distressing for some children and also adults, especially those who face dental anxiety.

Having a friendly dental team who is trained at putting kids’ minds at ease is key for a smooth visit. Also, preparing your child in advance for their visit by reading age-appropriate visits about dental visits can be very helpful.

Different Types of Cavity Fillings in Albion

There are many different types of filling material available. Metal amalgam fillings have been the go-to choice for decades but aren’t always suitable for children. Modern composite resin fillings require less tooth preparation, making for a smoother process for your child. Composite resin is also used for tooth-colored fillings, as it can match the shade of your child’s tooth.

If a cavity becomes too severe, other options may be necessary. Inlayonlay restoration fillings can replace the chewing surface of a tooth that has been seriously damaged. This may be necessary to save the tooth if the cavity has affected its strength and integrity. Even more severe damage may require dental crowns to protect the remaining tooth material.

Aftercare for Children With Fillings

Aftercare is also different for children because it’s up to you as a parent to ensure they follow through. Immediately after a filling, you’ll need to ensure that your child doesn’t eat anything until the numbness from the anesthetic fades away, as they can bite themselves without noticing.

In the long term, watch your child to see if their biting or chewing changes after the filling. This could indicate an issue like increased sensitivity, which should be discussed with your dentist.

Cavity Prevention for Children

The best approach to cavities for everyone is to prevent them in the first place. Routine visits will help you do just that for your child. The same is true for maintaining a solid oral hygiene routine at home. Ensure they’re brushing when they should and for the right amount of time.

Finally, consider taking advantage of fluoride treatment or dental sealants when you take them to the dentist for even stronger protection.

Taking the Right Approach to Cavity Fillings in Albion, NY

You can ensure that you get the best dental services in Albion for your child by visiting Albion Family Dental. We provide cavity fillings in Albion and other dental care for patients of all ages, taking the time to give the best solution for your child’s unique needs. Schedule your child’s next appointment today. Call us at 585-766-8227.